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Coating Farm Ceramics Home is the only bespoke Ceramic Coating service for your home in the UK. After years of development we now have a range of products designed exclusively for the hard working areas of your home. In other parts of the world it is incomprehensible to buy a new kitchen, floor, bathroom etc without coating it. In fact around 93% of new homes and home improvement projects in Korea are Ceramic coated!

In the UK you can now protect and improve the functionality of your kitchen cupboards, worktops, floors tiles, appliances, handles, stools.......and any other surface. Same for Bathrooms, Fireplaces staircases. 

You name it, we have a coating for it! See below for a list of benefits and pricing

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Coating Farm Ceramics Home benefits:

The mission for Coating Farm Ceramics home was to manufacture the highest quality protective coatings for the hard working areas in the home. To help keep them looking their best for as long as possible, whilst simultaneously making everything a breeze to clean and eliminate the need for abrasives or environmentally damaging chemical based cleaners and wipes.  Designed with a minimum longevity of 5 years plus and even longer if the correct maintenance schedule is followed


All of our 5 bespoke coatings offer:

High chemical resistance.

High (750-900) heat resistance.

A slick hydrophobic surface that grease, hot sauces (gravy, baked, soup, baked beans boil over etc)  cannot stick to and make a breeze to clean.

No more abrasive or bleach based cleaners needed!

The same hardness and scratch resistance level as our pro level vehicle ceramic coatings.

Little to no lime scale build up around tap/sink areas. If it is a very hard water area then the coating will make removal of lime scale easy. 

Dedicated coating for tiling, grout and porcelain to protect against staining and liquid ingress. Great for the kitchen, floors, bathrooms and fireplaces. 

Higher scratch resistance and easy to clean hand painted cupboards or soft vinyl coated cupboards. 

Stainless steel appliances and panels coated to prevent finger prints and grease sticking, making them extremely slick and easy to clean with no heavy abrasive or chemical cleaners. 

Glass splash backs and hobs with a slick, high heat coating making boil overs etc a breeze to clean off.  Also ideal for your bathroom shower screen and limescale build up. 

Wood (inc worktops) and leather protected by a high heat, hydrophobic coating to protect against stains and liquid ingress.

Quotes, plans & home surveys

At Coating Farm Rickmansworth we understand that Kitchens, floors and bathrooms are not like cars or motorcycles.  Having spent lots of time with your builder, architect, kitchen designer and kitchen surveyor your kitchen is bespoke to your needs. Same with bathrooms and flooring. 

Coating Farm  Ceramics Home  Rickmansworth offer the same level of service, so that you get the right coatings on the right surfaces for you and your needs.  There are example prices below but these are only to give a guide and you should discuss with our home specialist for a detailed quote.  The examples below go from one extreme to the other.

Simply use the contact form and our trained home coating specialist will contact you to discuss the basics. From there we can move forward to a free no obligation site survey and demonstration (within 10 mile radius) or for brand new kitchens/bathrooms we can price from your plans and proceed to site survey and product demonstration from there. 

         Pricing examples

Example 1 used kitchen: Prices includes final polishing and preparation. Please ensure your kitchen is cleaned and worktops cleared. 

Small Kitchen of 12 cupboard doors/drawers. 6 appliances, 1 x sink and tap and 3.6sqm of worktop. 

12 x £50 = £600 handles, cornice & pelmits  included.

6 x £45 (oven, hob extractor, fr/fr, dishwasher, washing machine) £270

3.6 x £100 = £360 upstands to 120mm high included

1 x £50 Sink and tap with minor scaling cleaned first) 

Microwave, toaster and kettle done FOC as small appliances.

Total  : £1280

Example 2 new kitchen: Price includes final clean and preparation.

Medium size kitchen with 16 cuboards/drawers, 2 wood shelves , 7 appliances,  1 x sink and tap.  Worktop not coated. 

18 x £50 = £900 

7 x £45 = £315

1 x £50 

Small appliances coated FOC

Total £1265. 

Example 3 new kitchen: Price includes final polish and preparation.

Large bespoke kitchen with 20 cuboards/drawers, 2 wood shelves , 1 pantry larder (inside and out), 9 appliances,  1 x sink and taps and 8sqm worktops. 

22 x £50 = £1100 

1 x £100 = £100

9 x £45 = £405

8 x £100 = £800

1 x £50 

Small appliances and separate filter water tap included FOC. 

Total £2455. 

Trade & Commercial

If you are a kitchen company, builder, flooring specialist, Architect, property developer or landlord with medium to large portfolio, then please contact us to discuss what we can offer your clients and business. 


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